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Getting SMARTer About Personalizing Interventions for Children with ASD

Getting SMARTer About Personalizing Interventions for Children with ASD

Approximately 30-40% of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) remain minimally verbal, even after receiving years of interventions and a range of educational opportunities. New innovations in behavioral treatment include methodologies that personalize intervention based on child response. In this talk we described the application of these new methods, called Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials (SMARTs), to minimally verbal children with ASD.

The PACE Project

Parent and Child Early (PACE) Coaching Project

In 2016, ACT- Autism Community Training received funding from the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to support the implementation of the PACE Coaching Project and to serve as its administrative home.

Web: Interacting with Autism

Interacting with Autism

BC-ABA Conference

Conferences and Events – British Columbia Association for Behaviour Analysis

The BC-ABA Conference and Continuing Education Committee organizes an annual conference and continuing education opportunities. The committee also collaborates with local community organizations and parental advocacy groups to host events throughout the year.

Web: Spectrum News

Spectrum | Autism Research News & Opinion

Gene expression patterns in the brains of people with autism are similar to those of people who have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often coincide, but the search for common biological roots has turned up conflicting evidence. Thanks! Please check your inbox to confirm.

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