Our services are always developed in close collaboration with primary caregivers. This allows our team members to flexibly adapt each program to meet the unique needs, values and preferences of the families they serve.

We offer both comprehensive and focused behavioural intervention services. This is to ensure that each child has the opportunity to receive an appropriate and highly individualized treatment plan which best supports his or her unique profile with regard to age, development, and assessed need. Early learners may begin with a comprehensive intensive behavioural intervention plan that will adapt and change over time as skills for independent learning are acquired. A comprehensive, individualized behavioural treatment plan may initially include learning across the domains of cognition, communication, play, social engagement, emotional regulation, and/or adaptive functioning. As skills are acquired and progress is demonstrated, treatment plans may become more focused to meet the evolving needs of the learner.

Both comprehensive and focused treatment plans will typically involve targeted support across multiple environments. For example, children in the early years may begin treatment within a play-based one-on-one format delivered in the home setting. As development progresses, intervention may naturally expand into an early education setting where skills can be generalized to meet the needs of a peer-mediated environment. Likewise, in the school-aged years, classroom collaboration may allow a special education assistant (SEA) to target objectives at school that are then further supplemented by intervention at home, in the context of play-dates, outings and/or one-on-one intervention sessions.

To learn more about behavioural treatment for autism please check out a comprehensive guide published by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB).